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Cocoa powder 200g

Cocoa powder 200g

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Cocoa powder made by a partner cooperative located in the Junin region of Peru, and it comes from the same cocoa beans present in our Chaska bars. As with all our cocoa, this cocoa powder is purchased directly from the cooperative, without any intermediary, in order to guarantee them maximum income.


The powder is produced in two steps, first you have to squeeze the cocoa to extract the cocoa butter. There will remain a pure and very dry cocoa cake which must be ground in order to be able to use it in powder form.


This natural cocoa powder is not alkalized in order to keep all the flavor of the cocoa bean. Slightly fruity and very aromatic it contains about 10% cocoa butter


You can use it to make hot chocolate, for your cakes or to make a homemade truffle preparation. Then you can send us photos of your creations!


Weight: 200g

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