Palo Santo - Dark chocolate 70%

Palo Santo - Dark chocolate 70%


This bar is a tribute to the sacred smoke of the Palo Santo wood. We smoked our beloved Bagua 70% chocolate with Palo Santo. You can smell its scent as the piece of chocolate melts in your mouth. On the palate you can feel a spicy and floral sensation at the same time. An unparalleled experience.

What is Palo Santo?

Palo Santo is an aromatic sacred wood that grows in northern Peru, in the dry forest of Piura. With thousands of years of history and it is still used today as an incense, its aroma inevitably gives a feeling of peace.

Why the Palo Santo for Mother's Day?

During one of my visits to VAL Aromathérapie I smelled the aroma of Palo Santo burning, in a fraction of a second my childhood memories came back to me.

The peacefulness of Friday afternoon. My mother prayed every Friday as she burned a few sticks of Palo Santo whose aroma gave us an immediate and inexplicable feeling of peace. An aroma of flowers, citrus fruits and spices that announced that it was time to thank life for being with our loved ones and being healthy.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans *, cane sugar *, cocoa butter *, Palo Santo sacred smoke.

* Organic ingredients

May contain traces of milk and nuts

Weight: 50g / tablet



Our Collaboration With VAL Aromatherapy


At Qantu we celebrate female entrepreneurship. Val is a mother and daughter start-up, Sofia Llancari and Valeria Manrique two Peruvians like Elfi (our founder) who do everything to keep a direct link with their origins, they look like us, don't they? Val's project touched us right to the heart because they bring our senses on a journey to a paradise of relaxation.