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Nordic Forests - 2021 Collection

Nordic Forests - 2021 Collection

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Our new collection: Nordic Forests


The contrast of two terroirs!

We pay tribute to our northern forests, those of Peru and Canada.

Two climates, extreme temperatures and each one leaves us in turn magical treasures that we would like to present you, accompanied of course by chocolate!

In the north of Peru in Piura, the Palo Santo grows in the dry and arid forest whose average temperature exceeds 32 degrees Celsius.

In Canada, in our beloved Quebec, black walnut is one of the most appreciated trees for the nobility of its wood, but it also offers nuts with unusual aromas as lemony and floral as a Chardonnay.


Bars included:

Palo Santo 70%

Black walnut 70%


Join us to discover the story behind each new bar!


Contain Nuts (Black Walnut)

May contain traces of milk and nuts


Weight: 50g / bar

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