Virtual tasting

Virtual tasting


June 17, 2021 at 3pm


Registration: To participate in this event, you have until Tuesday June 22 (Quebec & Ontario) and June 21 (Other provinces & USA) at noon to register.


An unforgettable event! You will stimulate all your senses while tasting Qantu chocolate bars. After this event, you will have learned:


  • How chocolate is made from the cocoa beans supply to the chocolate bar.
  • Tasting method with your 5 senses in 3 steps
  • Recognize different terroirs of Peru.
  • Taste 4 varieties of chocolate made from white cocoa, wild cocoa, mountain criollo and a maple sweetened chocolate.





  • Morropon 70% - 50g
  • Chaska, Junin 70% - 50g
  • Chuncho 70% - 50g
  • Maple and fleur de sel 60% 50g
  • Samples of cocoa beans
  • 1 h 30 min of virtual tasting via ZOOM

Allergens: All of our products may contain traces of milk and nuts.

  • Information sur le prochain évènement

    14 Nov 2021 à 3pm